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Strand for production of steel wire rope

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Strand for production of steel wire rope

Dates:2016-11-03 Author:甘雨 Click:

Shares of the twisting should be based on the contract requirements, the establishment of the twisting process card, tubular strander process card to indicate the twisting process, pitch, twist (see wire rope method), length, diameter, twisting strength grade and toughness, femoral diameter, core diameter and the twist the steel wire rope structure, the diameter of the rope and other technical parameters and recommended the use of wire twisting machine etc..


Before twisting unit, the steel wire should be carefully selected, the diameter of the steel wire, the toughness number, the coating category, the strength grade must meet the requirements of the process card, to avoid the mixed wire diameter, the mixed strength, and the quality of the quality accident. To carefully determine and adjust the strands of twist, twist, twist, etc., to avoid the wrong twist, twist distance and other quality accidents. H-wheel, noseplate, deformation, die selection, installation and adjustment to ensure that the twisting and twisting length and quality requirements. Point contact shares (see point of contact wire rope twisting) shares in each layer of steel wire is carried out separately, line contact shares (see line contact wire rope) by twisting a complete line and point contact or line contact point shares respectively in the two Taiwan twisting machine, shaped strand (see special wire rope) by traditional method of spinning twisting, can also be used with circular cross section shares the compression method of manufacturing.



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